For any woman, there is no greater a joy than the joy of motherhood. Morning sickness, weight gain, labour pains – the mom bears it all to hold her bundle of joy against her heart.

Having recently been blessed with a baby boy, the enthusiasm of a new mom is in the air and it feels like it has never felt before!

As a new mom, this is a small effort to share my excitement, joy, fears, and curiosities with the blogosphere. During my adolescent years, I often used to bug my mom with umpteen questions on how she felt when I was about to be born and how was her experience during my growing years. The gentle lady that mom was, she would narrate her experiences no matter how many times I asked her to repeat, for she enjoyed the happiness on my face when I heard stories of my own childhood.

I begin this blog as a diary of my experiences live and kicking! Hope my kids get the same joy someday reading about this as I used to get back then.

So join me in my experiences and share some of yours since the more is always the merrier!



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